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Kids, Art & School

Art and kids, the perfect pair. So why is it that when budgetary cutbacks cycle back around in the school districts, the arts are the first to go? Secondly, how is this even allowed? Have people seriously forgotten just how important art is to our youth?

This should be a no brainer, obviously they belong together. What is it that kids gravitate towards? Colors, expression, emotion, creating, originality, mess making, etc. What is art? It's all of these. Everyone remembers being young and all the challenges and stresses that came with getting older. The family, personal and social drama that comes with living. Art and athletics become the natural way for young ones to deal. The majority of kids have the talent of one or the other so what do they turn to when all of the arts have been removed from the class rooms? Nowhere good. Come on, removing the arts in schools will only take one or two classes away from the student body, what's the harm? Okay, let's take a count of just how many classes of the arts there are, or that are supposed to be, shall we? Fine art, music, photography, design, drama, computer design, choir, band, illustration and yearbook. That's a count of ten classes that are directly related to the arts. For whatever reason someone in the big chair with regards to the school districts has decided for everyone that the arts are nothing more than elective classes. Clearly this person has no clue just what the arts are to those students who are enrolled in these classes. Apparently people have forgotten how much of a positive influence the arts are on students. Kids need, absolutely need an outlet to the stresses and challenges of life. If they can't find a positive outlet because their arts classes were cut from the curriculum, they will find other outlets and are more likely to find a negative one. The schools don't need to give kids yet another reason to lead them down the road of becoming a troubled teen. If nothing else, give your kids the chance to do their extra curricular activities outside of school and buy them some supplies for them to continue. No one should be denied the arts simply because schools now decided they are no longer worth the time of the teachers or the districts money. The arts only accentuate the beauty of the artists they come from. Give kids the chance to continue to create their one of a kind beauty, this shouldn't even be questioned. Don't think about it just go for it.

Do kids need art, absolutely yes. Don't be one of those people who forgets the importance of art to the young generations and lets it slide away. Remember what the arts have done for you, your family or your friends. Everyone knows somebody who is gifted in the arts, everyone. Make some noise and keep our artists strong.

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