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Kids 2.0: Teaching children to be savvy consumers

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Stephane Come is an Orangevale dad who a few years ago wanted to help his son appreciate the value of good nutrition. “He was a very picky eater,” he said, “and so we started a garden. I wanted him to experience and appreciate where food comes from. And then he became very interested.”

Come’s seven-year-old son Nicolas (who is nine today) became so passionate about what he personally discovered by growing and cooking healthy food, he decided there needed to be a way to share the experience of healthy eating with other children. (And Nicolas’ Garden mobile app was born.)

A technologist who runs his own information technology solutions company, Come has a passion for helping kids discover their own ability to learn and innovate. He is in the process of launching a non-profit called “Kids 2.0” which teaches youth how to be healthy consumers of food and technology.

“When it comes to technology and parenting I have found it helpful to channel our children’s interests in using computers and devices around learning and solving problems,” Come said. “Rather than setting limits, we redirect kids away from concentrating on the media (games and social networks) that is not necessarily engaging them productively.”

Come grants his children plenty of time to complete projects like writing a story or doing research for a school assignment. “As long as I know that they have a sense of purpose, and that there will be something to examine and learn from the effort, then we do not worry that they are being overly influenced by media and peers.”

Kids 2.0 will feature workshops and events for kids and parents that combine training on how to be smart consumers of food and technology – such as classes on gardening, food preparation, and working with electronics and software programs.

As of this publication, Kids 2.0 does not have a published schedule of events. This examiner will continue to follow Comes and publish the workshops when they become available.

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