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Kidney disease in pets

Keep pets protected from fleas and ticks, especially if allowed outdoors.
Keep pets protected from fleas and ticks, especially if allowed outdoors.

Kidneys are vital organs that help play a role in maintaining the well being of your pet, when they become infected your pets health is at risk. The kidneys help to filter toxins and waster products from the bloodstream, and then it is eliminated through urine. Kidney disease can lead to acute or chronic kidney failure and if left untreated death is most certain.
Possible signs of kidney disease are blood in urine, excessive thirst, urinating more frequently, weight loss from lack of appetite and vomiting. If you notice any of the mentioned symptoms contact your vet as soon as possible to get an accurate diagnosis.
Treatment of kidney disease depends on how extent the kidney damage is. If treated quickly medications can be administered at home that the vet has prescribed. If the kidneys are infected more severely your vet may recommend intravenous treatment while hospitalized at the facility. Once your pet begins to recover you may be able to take your pet home and continue treatment there. Most pets with kidney disease will not recover and many that do may need to be placed on a special diet and medications.
To prevent kidney disease proper nutrition is the key, you may also want to avoid many treats for which some can cause kidney stones. Foods such as grapes and raisins should be avoided completely. Beware of poisonous plant that cats tend to favor; lily plants are beautiful, but are very toxic to your pet. Consult with your vet on a proper healthy diet for your pet. Have fresh water available for your pets at all time, keeping them hydrated will help to maintain proper kidney function. Exercise and weight management can hinder kidney problems as well.
For more information contact your local area veterinarian.
Information provided by: Veterinary House Calls | Flushing, Mi. | (810) 733-2022.
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