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Kidnappers: Woman held in garage for ransom under squalid conditions, no water

Kidnappers: Woman held in garage for ransom under squalid conditions, no water
Kidnappers: Woman held in garage for ransom under squalid conditions, no water
Caution Tape / Wikimedia Commons

Kidnappers holding a Calif. woman in a filthy garage for two days demanded a ransom of $110,000 to secure her release. The 44-year-old was kidnapped by four individuals and stuffed inside of a storage unit in Rowland Heights. Her four abductors – including a longtime coworker of the woman – plotted her capture for months. Now, all four sit in jail.

Writes The Associated Press, via the Huffington Post on Aug. 9: “The 44-year-old woman was kidnapped at gunpoint Monday after her co-worker's boyfriend offered her a ride home from her job at a factory in Industry, Sheriff's Capt. Merrill Ladenheim said. The boyfriend drove the woman to a restaurant, where he told her he was going to get some food. Then a man and a woman, at gunpoint, forced her down on the floorboard of the car, bound and blindfolded her.”

Arrested and charged with kidnapping were Judith Adriana Maldonado, 40, her boyfriend Francisco Inacua-Rosas, 34, Inacua-Rosas’s sister Rocio Inacua, 32, and her boyfriend Uziel Cuevas Figueroa, also 32. The four abductors contacted the woman’s husband and demanded the huge sum – money the family didn’t even have to begin with. The unnamed woman was rescued this past week after the kidnapper’s poorly plotted plan unraveled.

The woman was held without food and water. Investigators said she was weak and dehydrated, but otherwise in fair condition. All four abductors appeared in court Friday and pleaded not guilty to felony kidnapping charges.

The two Spanish-speaking couples bound the woman’s hands and feet with duct tape and gave her a bucket to pee and defecate in.

Writes the NY Daily News:

The kidnapping plot likely developed after Maldonado overheard her coworker talk about how she saved up some money with her husband of 20 years, police said, but the family did not have as much money as the kidnappers demanded.

“The plot was purely for financial gain,” Los Angeles County Capt. Merrill Ladenheim said, adding that when she was discovered by police, “she immediately hugged the detective. It was a very, very emotional rescue.”

Police are investigating whether the four kidnappers are in the United States illegally. Each of the suspects were remanded over to jail in lieu of a $2 million bond. They face life sentences if found guilty.

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