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Kidnapped woman sends text message to sister: Cops use message to track her down

Kidnapped woman sends text message to sister. Police track her down using message!
Kidnapped woman sends text message to sister. Police track her down using message!
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A kidnapped woman was rescued by police after texting her sister that she was in a car with a man who had a weapon. She texted the car color, make and license plate number to her sister, who in turn alerted Albuquerque police, according to MSN News on Aug. 26.

The police were able to use that message to track down and save the woman along with arresting the driver, but not until a high-speed chase ensued. The chase, which was harrowing at times, ended in a four-car crash. Tanner Tixier, a Albuquerque Police Department spokesperson said the kidnapping suspect was 36-year-old Daniel Romero, reports The Star today.

Police came upon the car and gave chase to Romero who ignored all signals to pull over. It wasn’t until he swerved into on-coming traffic that a crash stopped his car. The crash sent five people to the hospital, all suffering from minor injuries.

Police said that Romero will likely see the charges of aggravated eluding of law enforcement and kidnapping. He has three outstanding warrants including possession of a firearm, which is a felon. This guy had some previous run-ins with the law, including the firearm warrant.

That was smart thinking on the woman’s part to text her sister. With the sister who received the messages working in tandem with police it somehow all came together to get the sister to safety. According to MSN there were no details given on the victim’s injuries.

The kidnapped sister apparently kept her cool because she was able to give enough information in the text to lead police to the car. She was also smart in letting the police know that the man had a weapon in the car with him, which let the police know to proceed with caution. This is one text message session the two sisters will probably remember for the rest of their lives.

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