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Kidnapped girl calls 911 on cell phone from car trunk: Gives 911 clues in sounds

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A 15-year-old girl was kidnapped and put in the trunk of a car, where she called 911 for help. While she wasn’t able to give accurate directions as to where they were going, she relayed the sounds she was hearing and the feel of the road they were driving on, according to CBS New on Jan. 28.

The girl was kidnapped at gunpoint by three teen boys on Monday in Yakima, Washington. She was on her way to school when the boys grabbed her and put her in the trunk of the car, later found to be stolen.

The girl was able to identify one of her kidnappers as an ex-boyfriend, but because the teens were not in a car registered to him, this didn’t give the authorities a car to look for. The police used her cell phone signal to finally locate the car, which police pulled over.

The girl was unharmed and the driver surrendered without incident. This ordeal lasted two hours for the teen until the cops pulled over the stolen car where she was confined to the trunk.

It is not known what the ex-boyfriend and his friends planned to do to the girl, but they were apprehended by police.