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Baby kidnapped from hospital by fake nurse: Found by teens via Facebook (Video)

A woman posing as a nurse kidnapped a newborn baby girl from the hospital maternity ward and walked out the door with the baby in her arms. That was the last time her parents saw their newborn until a picture posted on Facebook from the hospital’s security camera helped bring that baby home, according to “Fox and Friends” live on Wednesday morning May 28.

Kidnapped baby found thanks to Facebook and four alert teens!

CNN News reports that the hospital security tape showed the nurse imposter get into a Toyota Yaris with the baby and drive away. The car had a “Baby on Board” sign in its back window when it left the parking lot of the hospital In Quebec on Monday night.

The baby was just 16 hours old when the woman dressed in nursing scrubs took her away from the hospital. When the baby girl, named Victoria, was discovered missing, her parents became frantic.

The baby’s uncle spoke with who he thought was a nurse, but was the woman masquerading as a nurse holding his niece in his arms. He asked her where she was going with the baby and she said she was taking her for “tests.” The uncle, Daniel Cossette, said the woman had the “attitude” and was in “the uniform,” so they never thought she was a kidnapper.

The newborn’s mother, Melissa McMahon took to Facebook and although devastated she was able to post about the ordeal in hopes someone would see this and know something. Melissa posted that the “worst case scenarios played out over and over in our heads” and noted that the endings in these cases are “not often happy.”

The Amber Alert for the baby went out almost immediately and police used social networks to post the descriptions of the car, the woman posing as the nurse and the baby girl wrapped in a blanket. This alert was accompanied with a screen shot photo from the security camera at the hospital of the woman who they believed abducted the baby.

According to Online Social Media today, a group of four teens saw the description on Facebook and decided to go look around the city for the car. They “just wanted to do something for the night, so we went to find the car,” said Charlene Plante, one of the teens in the group.

Plante said after seeing the woman in scrubs on the Facebook photo, she immediately recognized her as a former neighbor. They drove to her apartment and the car was parked out in front. It was clear that the woman was home, said Melizanne Bergeron, another one of the teens.

“The patio door was open. The lights were on,” said Bergeron. This is when they called the police and they swooped into the area in a matter of minutes. The police kicked down the apartment door, said Plante. The baby was in an officer’s arms and the woman was placed in custody. Bergeron described the scene for her and her friends:

“After the baby was in the hands of the police, it was the best moment in my life. We were crying.”

Bergeron posted the video she took of the ordeal with her tearful friends when seeing the officer emerge with the baby in his arms. Another video was taken by someone at the parent’s house when the police brought her home to them. You can hear the overwhelming happiness in the mother’s voice through her tears of happiness.

Melissa McMahon took to Facebook to send out her thanks a few hours after their newborn was home she said:

“Thanks to “four marvelous people” (the teens who went out looking for the car) and “thanks to Facebook.”

She also posted a few words of warning to new parents in the hospital:

"Never allow yourself to be influenced by a uniform....I know that it can seem trivial, but if I had been more skeptical, all of this could have been avoided....Verify the badge of the nurse...ask is your child, don't let them out of your sight," she wrote. "I would not like anyone else to live this."

It is not clear what the baby’s mother's interaction with this nurse was, but apparently the woman duped a few people at the hospital into believing she was a real nurse employed by the hospital.

The hospital is undergoing a major security risk assessment and they too have released statements. They report a team of “risk assessment experts” will be analyzing the order of events that took place at this hospital that ultimately lead to a stranger walking off with a newborn baby.

The woman who abducted the newborn was taken into custody and is undergoing a psychiatric evaluation. It is not known if the woman had any past dealings with the baby’s family.

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