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Kidnap victim, held captive and raped for last 10 years, just located and freed

In a tale reminiscent of Ariel Castro’s, the cretan who kidnapped three women and held them captive in his west Cleveland home while he abused and raped them for over a decade, the Santa Ana Police Department (SAPD) released a statement on May 21 saying that after 10 years, they located a woman, now 25, who was kidnapped 10 years ago in 2004. That unidentified victim was kidnapped by her mother’s boyfriend, Isidro Garcia, now 41 years old, who “frequently physically and sexually assaulted the victim” over the last 10 years, according to police.

The victim, kidnapped when she was only 15, managed to escape her abuser after 10 years.
Isidro Garcia / Santa Ana Police Department

The victim was first reported missing from Santa Ana, Calif. in August 2004 when she was only 15 years old. At the time, her kidnapper was living with the victim’s mother. According to the release from the SAPD, although the mother couldn’t prove it, she suspected that her boyfriend had been sexually abusing her teen daughter.

The now freed victim told police that Garcia started raping her in her mother’s home beginning in June 2004. That August, Garcia assaulted the victim’s mother, drugged the 15-year-old daughter, and drove her to a house in Compton where he falsified documents as to his victim’s identity and kept her locked up in a garage.

In the months and years to follow, Garcia told the victim that her family had stopped searching for her, and “if she tried to go back to them, the family would be deported.” Garcia secured employment for himself and his victim so that they could work together for a night cleaning service so he could keep a close eye on her.

Even with the opportunity to escape, after years of physical and mental abuse, the victim saw no way out of her situation and lived a life with Garcia under sustained physical and mental abuse. In 2007, Garcia forced the victim into a marriage and in 2012 the two had a child.

Just recently, the victim managed to reach out to her sister via Facebook. After a while, she drummed up the courage to contact the police, according to Fox News.

Garcia was arrested on Tuesday and booked on charges of kidnap for rape, lewd act with minor, and false imprisonment. For more on the story, see the video accompanying this article.

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