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Kidnap survivor Michelle Knight says captor Ariel Castro deserves forgiveness

Michelle Knight, 33, who was kidnapped by Ariel Castro on August 22, 2002 and held captive and raped in his west Cleveland home for more than a decade until escaping that house of horrors in May 2013, appeared on the May 5 edition of the "Today" show, where the kidnap survivor said in an interview that “Castro deserves forgiveness because she'd want to be forgiven if she did wrong," and "that's the way of life.” Knight also said that "he is a human being and every human being needs to be loved."

The former captive said ‘she'd want to be forgiven if she did wrong, and ’that's the way of life.’
Michelle Knight / Facebook

CBS News reminded us that Tuesday will mark the one-year anniversary of that fateful day that Knight, along with Amanda Berry and Gina DeJesus, managed to escape the house where they had been held captive. Knight said on “Today” that she doesn’t see much of Berry and DeJesus these days, and that the three have moved on and "we're all now living in our own way."

Also marking the one one-year anniversary of the day that Knight escaped from Castro’s house, will be the release of her memoirs entitled "Finding Me" which promises to detail her time held captive in Castro’s house. Berry and DeJesus have their own book coming out next year. ABC News also reported on the “Today” interview and said that Knight says she’s now a singer, that she just recorded a song, and she’s training to become a boxer.

Castro, who was eventually sentenced to life behind bars plus 1,000 years, committed suicide in prison last August. During her interview on “Today,” Knight said she was surprised when she heard of Castro’s suicide and went on to say "why would he hurt his children like that?"

Regarding her soon to be released book, The Washington Times shared a s statement from Knight who said, “I want to give every victim of violence a new outlook on life.”

“Victims need to know that no matter how hard it rains in the darkness, they will have the strength and courage that God gave them when they were born to rise above and overcome any obstacle that stands in their way.”

Knight was only 20-years-old when she was kidnapped. For more on Knight's forgiving nature, see the video accompanying this article.

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