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Kidd Upstairs releases DMNDS (Deluxe Edition) available on iTunes

Los Angeles based hiphop artist and producer, Kidd Upstairs released the deluxe edition of his acclaimed success DMNDS today on iTunes, and if the eye-popping pre-release numbers are indicative of the album's future successes, expect this LP to be an exceptionally popular one.

DMNDS (Deluxe Edition)
Photo credit - Top Floor Music Group

Seat belts firmly strapped, tray tables in upright positions, prepare for lift off-- DMNDS (Deluxe Edition), is a robust, 18-track lyrical gem that takes the ear drums for a ride they will not soon forget as Kidd explores the salacious worlds of women, drug usage and an assortment of outlandish topics along the way, backed by some 'out of this world' production work.

The deluxe edition features all of the hits from the original release, as well as 6 all new tracks from the emcee, which include "Ashin' in My Cup", "Picasso", "Lamb with Hash", "Mars Bars", "Sports Games", and "Blinded".

The 24-year-old proves as lyrical as they come on his recent release-- verse after verse drenched in word play that is eye-level at worst with his hiphop contemporaries, while creating a ready for 'tv or radio' sound all of his own. The deluxe edition of DMNDS ably displays the artist's versatility and creativity; not to mention this 18-track 'under the influence' manifesto has zero features.

A Kidd on his way UP

With an upcoming performance at uber music, film, and interactive festival SXSW, and features from the likes of the Source, Vice's music channel Noisey, DJ Booth, Complex Magazine, Thizzler and countless others already under his belt, this Top Floor Music Group artist is well on his way to stardom.

Kidd Upstairs is more proof that the brightest gems aren't always the first discovered. DMNDS (Deluxe Edition) should serve as the crowning jewel for this unsigned artist, making him a more discoverable target for labels, A&R's and the like, as they sift through the heaps of hiphop artists attempting to unearth a sign-able talent.

DMNDS (Deluxe Edition) is available for purchase now on iTunes and is also available to stream and purchase on soundcloud.

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