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Kidd Upstairs releases 'Descent' featuring XO

Kidd and XO 'Descent'
Kidd and XO 'Descent'
Photo credit - Top Floor Music Group

Los Angeles hiphop artist/producer Kidd Upstairs dropped his latest single "Descent" last week featuring fellow Top Floor Music Group artist, XO.

"Descent" is a back-and-forth, tit-for-tat lyrical sprint. These artists pass the baton back and forth on this one quite a bit-- upping the ante on lyricism each time it is passed throughout this 4-minute track.

"Descent" is the newest drop by Kidd ahead of his highly-anticipated release KVSHMIR II. Although there isn't a scheduled release date for this album just yet, there is much anticipation among those that know Kidd, or are familiar with his widely-acclaimed release KVSHMIR.

The latest release by the Los Angeles based emcee featuring fellow Top Floor Music running-mate X.O., plays like a sparring match between two veteran boxers. The two throw zinging jabs and vicious hooks in the forms of bars and potently-laced quips that maintain their sting through the duration of the song.

The Kidd Upstairs' produced track blends spacey tones spelled by an ominous melody, which creates the perfect launchpad for the two emcees to showcase their refined wits. This lyrical-excursion explores the artists' respective descents into a colorful spectrum of topics that reads like a creative kaleidoscope.

The artists play well off each other by cleverly finishing each other's sentences-- also placing exclamation points on each other's verses. Pulling off something like this (mixing and matching verses/styles) required both artists to match levels of lyricism, while blending their respective styles; a feat that both 25-year-old emcees pulled off seamlessly.

Kidd's latest concoction is more proof that the follow up looks to trump the previous work with even more refined lyricism and production. Refreshingly, original content with a viral appeal.

Listen to 'Descent' by Kidd Upstairs featuring X.O. on Soundcloud.

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