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Kid-Testing the new 3-D Televisions

Karen and Matthew like watching 3-D TV at AV-1 in Castle Rock, CO.
Karen and Matthew like watching 3-D TV at AV-1 in Castle Rock, CO.
Mike Robinson

Castle Rock has landed a new high technology store with the opening of AV-1 Home Theater & Integration in the Castle Rock Business Corridor. The new store is located at 729 Barranca Drive , Castle Rock, CO 80104 right off of Founders Parkway, ph. 720-299-3496.

AV-1 has received a distributorship agreement from Sony for their new 3-D High Definition Televisions. The new 3-D TVs will work with blu-ray disks, Play station, Wii, and soon hi def cable.

It has been my firm belief that new fangled contraptions like a 3-D TV should be for kids and adults with a lot of kid still in them. So to do a true test of the system, I brought an 11 year old boy named Matthew and an 8 year old girl named Karen into the store to try out this new wonder.

AV-1 is setting up a home theater room to show off the 3-D technology. The Sony system works a whole lot better than the 3-D movie setup. They have special glasses which receive a synchronisation signal from the TV and continually alternate two separate images that are simultaneously shown on the 3-D TV. The end result is super 3-D and a screen that you can watch (a little blurry perhaps) without the special glasses. Without the glasses, you don’t get 3-
D but at least you can still watch.

The AV-1 samples that the kids watched included movies such as Toy Story, live shots of fish in an aquarium, a Mario Kart type of race, and a college football game. All of the samples were astounding and really eye opening.

The Kid verdict is as follows: “I liked it. It would be perfect for me!” from Matthew. Karen disagreed on the I liked it comment. “I love it, not liked it!!” No word yet on the success of these kids to get a 3-D setup at home.

This Sony 3-D system would be most appropriate for a home theater. This kind of new toy for home has its work cut out for it in the age of 9.5% unemployment and trillion dollar deficits. But we can’t stay down in the financial dumps forever so I imagine there will be quite a few 3-D TVs going into homes when the economy turns around. In the meantime, you can go over to AV-1 and see the future that likely will be coming to your own home if you have kids like Matthew and Karen.


  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    Great article. Personally, I'm going to stay away from 3d TV's for a bit. Not only are they expensive, it does seem that there will definitely be some challenges in getting the technology worked out.

    There are many Plasmas that are easy to use and offer great technology as you mentioned. One of my favorites is the Panasonic TC-P50U2 50-Inch 1080p Plasma HDTV.

    And, because it is a 2009 model, it is not too expensive.

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