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Kid Skills: Growing abilities ` Essay

Kid Skills Need care
Kid Skills Need care
Kidskills International

Kid Skills Growing Abilities

Kid skills, as abilities, are easily envisioned as seeds with their potency to:

  • Create a living entity
  • Be dropped into soil for nourishment
  • Extend those tendrils and roots
  • Determinedly erecting a stem
  • Generating a viable interplay between gathering energy, metabolizing and producing the power to DO
  • Thriving when fluids support one's hours
  • Producing a culminating result

What a parallel to the act of gardening, the act of child-rearing.

That cultivation process, as many sequences of action, best understood and explained, after accomplished.

But, in the individual days, as one gives boost to children's trials and exploration while under our proverbial 'wings', remember to fill full the buckets that bring growth.

Though burdensome in the many challenges on pocket and purpose, a child gardener keeps the child as they dispense the series of kid-making moments:

  • Meals: indoors and out-of-doors
  • Play: experimental and exploratory
  • Safe harbor
  • Freedom to express
  • Rituals of honor and meaning
  • Enlightenment
  • Illumination: both of the shadows of space and of inner space
  • Nurture: ever and always

Kid skills are those abilities that have meet a gardener's care.
The act of parenting as gardening has endless demands as well as ceaseless stream of choices that make it's actions engulfing. One's plunge into the care of a child can be a parallel to the variety of methods of entering a pool of water:

Plunging: head first arms jetting out on a stretch
Jumping: with the option of tucking one's knees to chest or extending limb to lake-long
Move: in a backwards route either by a fall or a leap
That said, when wet with the job of growing a child, give as much lilt and levity as you offer weight and wisdom proliferation.

Know that the unique mixing of soil, hydration, world views and vivaciousness give YOU as much JOY in the act in the NOW of doing.

In growing Kid skills, we make abilities bloom.

Know, also, that, with God's blessing, the later phase of parenting, with it's mulling and combing reviews in your decades of decline, re-feed your soul with richness.

Kid skills, rarely identified in the months of infancy, but inherent in each small child's bones and brain, are the soil of the SOUL!


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