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Kid's Culinary Arts - Teaching Kids To Love Cooking!


There is a company that I have just heard about in Amherst, NH that is teaching kids to love healthy food and cooking by letting them dig in and do it hands on.

Cathy Duchesne, the owner,  combined her love of children, cooking and teaching to nourish kids through the culinary arts.  Her meaningful goal?  To teach them sustainable tools they can use in the kitchen to fight the battle of childhood obesity.

Just as I do with my adult women clients, Cathy empowers children to understand that with this knowledge and cooking skill expertise, they can make choices other than junk food and foods laden with preservatives and chemicals - and it does not have to be hard! 

At Kids Culinary Arts, children 3 and up can choose from her "menu" of:

  • Cooking programs
  • After-school programs
  • Summer culinary programs
  • School vacation programs
  • Parties and special events

As a Integrative Health & Nutrition Coach, I applaud Kid's Culinary Arts desire to make a difference with our children and provide them with the opportunity to see outside of the Standard American Diet box - by having fun and building their confidence around food.

Does this wet your appetite?  Check out her information and contact Cathy Duchesne to learn more.

How can I help you to Live Better 4 Life?  Check out how I help women become advocates for their own health - without diet or deprivation!


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