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Kid gets tongue stuck to flag pole at Easthampton, Mass. school

A student at an Easthampton, Massachusetts middle school took a scene right out of the movie "A Christmas Story" and got their tongue stuck to a metal flag pole. According to WCVB Boston on Feb. 12, the fire department had to come and rescue this child who couldn't get his tongue off the cold metal pole.

Kid gets tongue stuck on a flag pole in Easthampton, Mass. just like the movie over 30 years ago, "A Christmas Story."
A Christmas Story MGM promo 1983

The White Brook School in Easthampton, Mass. was the setting for this movie scene that played out in below freezing temperatures on the playground. It's a "triple dog dare" in the movie that gets the kid to lick the flag pole.

The White Brook School student's name or gender was not released, but for all you movie buffs, the kid in the 1983 movie, "A Christmas Story," was named Flick. He was "triple dog dared" to do this. Thirty years later, the scene is still played out today around the playgrounds of the nation!

When the Easthampton, Mass. Fire Department showed up they poured warm water over the child's tongue, which immediately released them from the flag pole. The child was not injured in this incident. The video above reports on another incident where a girl gets her tongue stuck to a flag pole. It seems that scene is played out almost every winter somewhere in the nation!

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