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Kid-friendly restaurants in Telluride

Eating out with your kids in Telluride can be trying.
Eating out with your kids in Telluride can be trying.
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It’s not easy trying to enjoy your dinner with a child screaming from their highchair perch, throwing expensive sushi all over the floor. There are, however, restaurants in Telluride that are more accommodating to families with kids. Places where you won’t be seated in the back corner and given dirty looks from people seated at the other tables—and some of the food is actually pretty good.

  • The best place to take your kids is The Sweet Life, although once you take them there, they will only want to eat there for the rest of the trip, so be careful about exposing them to this place. The Sweet Life is a retro diner, with burgers, fries, onion rings, milkshakes and homemade ice cream. It’s also a candy store, and an entire wall is devoted to bulk candy and trinkets. It is a kid’s (and a dentist’s) dream. Kids can roam around and work off their sugar buzz without any fear of reprisal, and parents can spring for dessert, too, without breaking their vacation budget.
  • Another great place for a family meal is The Cornerhouse Grille, known locally as “The House.” The House has lots of games to keep kids occupied while they wait to eat, and lots of televisions with sports games playing to do the same for dads. The House serves kid-friendly food like tater tots, and also has a great selection of beer on tap and a full bar, so parents can get an après ski beverage or a cocktail and feed the family at the same time. The food is as casual as the atmosphere, with all the menu items served in plastic baskets. The House is one of the last affordable eateries in town.
  • Tracks Café is located a gondola ride away, in Mountain Village, where many of Telluride’s visitors stay. Tracks is also a great place to bring the kids, although they are only open for lunch and breakfast. Kids will enjoy taking a break from skiing to hang out at Tracks, play some foosball, and get some hot chocolate or a sandwich. There are also televisions and big windows looking out onto the bustling plaza here to entertain you while you wait for your food, and there is a full bar which serves après ski drinks.

Of course, there are dozens of other restaurants, and all of them will welcome you and your brood. No restaurants here turn away business, even if it means the wait staff will be cleaning up the floor below your table for the next half-hour. So if you can’t get a sitter and you do end up doing some fine dining, remember these rules of the road:

1. Children don’t like foie gras, uncooked fish, and vegetables they don’t recognize.

2. If your children throw their food so far that you can’t recover it, avoid all eye contact with other patrons.

3. If one of your kids does have a total meltdown of some sort, take it to the bathroom, the lobby or even outside. It may spoil your dinner, but it won’t ruin the night out for the diners around you, and they’ll appreciate it.


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