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Kid finds marijuana pipe and pot inside Kid's Meal from Burger King

BUger King
BUger King

Some people might consider it a "Happy Meal" if they found a pot pipe and pot in their fast food container.

However one family from Michigan was anything but happy. Dundee police say the family found a marijuana pipe inside a Kid's Meal that was bought for a 4-year-old boy at a Burger King restaurant in southern Michigan.

Police discovered that a 23-year-old employee put the pipe in the box to hide it while he worked and he didn't mean to give it out.

According to NBC 25, Chief David Uhl tells the that a family from the Detroit suburb of Warren was in the area for a visit to the Splash Universe water park.

He says the boy's grandfather entered the restaurant Tuesday night to pick up some food. The chief says the family discovered the pipe and notified police.

Uhl says police arrested the employee and two friends, ages 18 and 20. All three are awaiting charges.