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Kid Cudi Asks Hip Hop to do More for the People

Hip Hop
Hip Hop

I can’t say I’m really a fan of Kid Cudi’s music. Some of its catchy but for the most part he’s not on my personal radar, but I always listen when any member of the Hip Hop community is on a major public platform. Many of us wish for more from our artists then the superficial imagery and questionable social messages that many in the mainstream rotation express. We question the motives of Kanye because he screams at everyone. We question Jay-Z because he’s stance as a business man doesn’t mesh with what we feel he should be doing. We question Beyonce about the sexual tones of her music. On and on the questions go. Well, the other night while on the Arsenio Hall Show, Kid Cudi made one of the most honest comments on Hip Hop that I’ve heard in a long time.

“I think the braggadocio ‘Money, Cash, Hoes’ thing needs to be deaded. I feel like, that’s holding us back as a culture, as black people. It doesn’t advance us in any way, shape, or form. We’ve been doing that same thing for years now. It’s been like, four decades of the same ol’ bullsh-t. Sorry for my language.

And I feel like, if you’re gonna be an artist, there’s a time where you just have to embrace the responsibility and understand the power of music is something so special and to be able to do it in this magnitude where you reach millions of people, it’s like, why not use that for good? Why not tell kids something they can connect with and use in their lives?”

So much of the nonsense these rappers put out today is allowed to slide and we are all in part guilty of allowing it. Many within Hip Hop came up with little and once they make it they then spend the remainder of their careers bragging (or lying) about what they have. On a base entertainment level it works for the drunk in the club crowd but when you take pride in this culture and respect its power to influence people you have to do better. Hip Hop spans the globe and to a point I do agree we are not reaching our too potential as a society. Fortunately the book has not been completely written yet. I can only hope we hear more people expressing views like this. There’s nothing worse than wasted potential.

Jason Francis | The Social Media Samurai