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Kid in claw machine: Viral video of missing child playing inside toy machine

An adorable toddler’s picture has gone viral and he is being referred to as the “kid in the claw machine” today. This Nebraska toddler isn’t the first to find himself stuck in a machine full of toys, but it is his journey to get to that claw machine that has folk’s astonished today.

This 3-year-old kid is stuck in claw machine and he is completely oblivious to the world around him!
NBC News screen shot

According to MSN News on April 18, this little fellow was at home with his mother when she suddenly couldn’t find him. Lincoln police got a call from a mom who was frantic because she couldn’t find her three-year-old son. One minute he was in their apartment and the next he wasn’t.

About the same time that the little boy’s mother was reporting him missing to police, the bowling alley across the street from the mother’s apartment had called police. They reported a small child inside their claw machine playing with the toys. The little guy had no idea he was inside a coin-operated machine. As far as he was concerned he was in a glass box filled with all kinds of toys. This little guy was completely oblivious to anyone around him.

According to Newsmax today, one of the employees of the bowling alley explained what it was like seeing this toddler inside the claw machine. After the frantic mother arrived, there was time to watch this little fellow play while waiting for help to arrive. A man who works at the bowling alley, Randy Lee, said:

"He was oblivious to everybody standing outside the machine watching him. You could just see him in there playing with the stuffed animals and not paying attention to what's going on outside at all, and that was even after the police officers got there too."

No one was quite sure how the three-year-old managed to climb inside this claw machine, but a representative from the company that owns the machine had to come to the bowling alley and let the child out. These arcade machines are very popular to play, but on the outside of the unit! You insert a quarter or two, depending on what the machine costs to play, and then you operate this claw to try and grab a toy.

If you are lucky enough to have a toy on the end of the claw, it drops down through a slot and then out to you. This slot is more than likely how the kid got in, as other kids have rendered themselves stuck in these machines once climbing in through the drop slot.

The little boy was not hurt and mom was not cited for any wrong doing. She reported the boy as soon as she realized he was gone. The police also state that there is “no indications of neglect.” All this mom is guilty of is having one curious and creative kid!

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