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Kickstarting comfort: Sweat Tailor

Visit their Kickstarter now to get the best deal.
Visit their Kickstarter now to get the best deal.
Courtesy of Sweat Tailor

When it comes to men’s clothing, comfort is king. Yes, it helps if the article of clothing looks good and is of decent quality, but whatever it is, it won’t get worn more than once if it doesn’t fit well and is not comfortable. Why bother?

A couple years ago, American Giant came out with the Coach Pant. This was the first pair of sweatpants I’d ever seen that was tailored to look more like a regular pant and less like a sweatpant. Like many things in the world of clothing and fashion, ideas emerge, re-emerge, evolve, and over time, get better or face eternal obscurity.
The next step in the evolution of the more fashionable men’s sweatpant is about to happen, and the company behind it is Sweat Tailor.

Sweat Tailor was born out of our own frustration”, says Aaron Hoffman and Benjy Smith, co-founders of Sweat Tailor. As consumers, were were sick of being pigeonholed into categories of pants. If you want active pants go here, if you want formal pants go there. So, we tirelessly worked to create a pant that you could wear everyday, everywhere and in every style. Any jeans or pants out there that claimed to be comfortable meant that you had to sacrifice style and fit. This is where we differ.”

Sweat Tailor’s initial offering will feature:

  • two cuts including skinny and regular fit
  • choice of waist and inseam sizes comparable to traditional pants
  • cellphone pocket
  • high-quality hardware
  • reinforced belt loops
  • woven denim pocketing
  • half-lined back pockets
  • locker loop label
  • custom-molded gunmetal buttons and rivets
  • semi-auto nickel zipper

Sweat Tailor kicks off a Kickstarter campaign today with a delivery date of October 2014 scheduled. The initial line will be just for men and will retail for about $98, but early bird pricing and free shipping is available to Kickstarter contributors. For more information, visit their Kickstarter, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or website.

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