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Kickstarter: Tucson-based crowd-funding

Project image from Pop Culture Purposed
Project image from Pop Culture Purposed
Germar Derron

I recently launched a project on Kickstarter. I expected . . . . I don’t know what I expected. But I found an underground world of start-ups, activists, artists, designers, retirees, PR, seminars, hundreds of millions of dollars, and a new obsession.

Each night, I browse projects by the hundreds; I backed two. When I learned that Kickstarter had been kicking since 2009, I felt dorky, in the 80s movie sense. As I journey deeper into New Crowdfundland, I see nothing but parties and good times. I moved, so my invitations are probably somewhere on Park or Speedway. Maybe it’s more like hanging out with the Ghost of Christmas Past. Every time I click on a new project, I hear “look at what everyone did, while you were home winning the Superbowl on PS2 for the 334th time.”

Eventually, I thought to search for Tucson projects. There are hundreds, including projects from people that I know. How did I miss this movement? Crowd-funding works where parents, bank loans, savings, and credit fails. Arguably, millionaires irreparably tainted this grassroots movement when Spike Lee, Zach Braff, and Veronica Mars got Kicked, in a very good way. Here, I’m taking the time to applaud my favorite four, and fully-funded, Tucson projects.

The Best of Kore Press – Kore Press has led the nation in “lifting the voices of women and girls” for over 20 years. The project is a book of poems, written by 36 women. I worked with them, and I never heard about this. Well, I booked a conference room for their use once, and pretended to critique writing.

The Balance of Human Rights and Politics in Immigration – A college student from Texas visited Tucson to document “the lives of blended families--households in which only one member may be undocumented, with the rest in the country legally.”

The Undocumented – A documentary that exposes “the annual recovery of dead bodies and skeletal remains of those who attempt to cross into the United States through the Sonora desert.”

THE BORDER: Issues in the Arizona-Sonora Borderlands – A documentary that promises “an educated, unbiased view of the Arizona-Sonora border from the people who live here.”

Do I need to close this properly? Become obsessed like me. Support projects, especially the projects of family members, friends, classmates, and indie-types. Happy funding.

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