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Kickstarter success: Moment's 2 new smartphone lenses

Kickstarter is a very novel idea in the age of the Internet: a website where cash-strapped inventors can pitch new products in the hope of getting enough donations to help make them a reality. Well, Kickstarter has just generated more than enough money for one company to get its new smartphpne lens product line off the ground.

Moment, an upstart company that specializes in smartphone lenses, has just received the funding it hoped for ($50,000) in order to help it get its new products into production and, ultimately, to market.

So, what of the lenses?

According to Moment, its products are designed for people who value both portability as well as quality when it comes to add-on optics for smartphones. Designed from the ground-up, Moment's lenses use the latest in technology and highest quality materials. In essence, Moment's prototype lenses are essentially scaled down cinematic lenses, even being produced with the same techniques that are used to manufacturer cinematic lenses designed for 4k video. In short, if these are mini 4k-grade lenses, they should be really, really good across the frame with minimal optical imperfections, which is exactly what Moment bills them to be.

Additionally, the Moment lenses are also very small and easy to attach. The lenses come as separate units and attach to a small plate that then goes onto the phone, with or without case. To attach the lens, simply put the plate onto the phone and rotate the lens until it clicks into place. Small, easy, simple.

As of how, Moment is designing 2 lenses: a wide angle and a telephoto optic. To start, Moment will make the lenses compatible with the two most popular brands of smartphones: Apple's iPhone and Samsung's Galaxy. If the lenses are a commercial success, who's to say that they may not become available for other phones?

As for where things are now, Moment has raised over $65,000 (already $15,000 over its $50,000 goal) and donations to Moment are open until February 13 should you still want to help make these revolutionary products a reality.

As of now, Moment hopes to start shipping the lenses as early as June.

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