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Kickstarter Spotlight: SnarfQuest 30th Anniversary

Pictures from the SnarfQuest 30th Anniversary Remastered Graphic Novel.
Pictures from the SnarfQuest 30th Anniversary Remastered Graphic Novel.
Imagined Interprises, Inc.

For those of us who are familiar with SnarfQuest, the graphic story that appeared in Dragon Magazine throughout the 1980s and 1990s, this latest Kickstarter should be of interest: For the first time, Larry Elmore’s SnarfQuest is available in a FULL book version. This long-lost graphic novel has been digitally remastered and professionally edited. There are also an array of limited-time collectibles available with the project. The Kickstarter is currently over $4,800 of its $10,000 goal with 30 days to go. I spoke with Maxwell Alexander Drake, Author at Imagined Interprises, Inc. to learn more.

Michael Tresca (MT): What is the Kickstarter all about?

Maxwell Alexander Drake (MAD): SnarfQuest was a comic series created by Larry Elmore back in the 1980s. Larry is an icon for many who grew up playing Dungeons & Dragons during that time. I was among them. I met Larry after I became a professional in the fantasy industry, and we became friends. We started discussing the SnarfQuest project, something that I was a huge fan of. When I found out that it had never been published before in its entirety, I spoke to the people at Imagined Interprises, Inc. and put the two together.

This Kickstarter campaign is the result of all their hard work. Basically, the guys over at Imagined spent the past 9 months digitally remastering the images, adding in all the files, and creating a 30th anniversary edition that is second to none. They have also created some amazing SnarfQuest collectibles that have never before existed.

MT: What is the goal of the company?

MAD: Imagined Interprises, Inc. is a small publishing house. And like all publishers, they are trying to grow. But in today’s market, that is easier said than done. They are being very strategic in the projects they take on, and SnarfQuest is the perfect fit for them. They pride themselves on producing beautiful books, a cut above some of the “mass produced” books that are the norm.

MT: What can contributors expect?

MAD: As with everything Imagined has done to date, contributors of this Kickstarter can expect a professionally produced product. They not only want to put their best foot forward, to help grow their own reputation, they also want to make sure they are taking care of Larry Elmore, and his beloved SnarfQuest. And the 30th Anniversary Edition of SnarfQuest aims to please. If they hit the majority of the stretch goals for this campaign, contributors who opt to get the book will not only get the entire story in one volume, but it will have 2 stories in full color, be upgraded to a Hardback, and even get brand new cover art that Larry will create special for this version. If the campaign goes insane, and they hit their final goal, the entire 240 page story will be colorized for the first time.

In addition to the digitally remastered book, the contributors can get collector’s coins, playing cards, T-Shirts, prints, and much more. It really is a SnarfQuest fan’s dream come true!

But for me, the best part is bringing this wonderful tale to a whole new generation of fantasy fans. There is a reason why SnarfQuest has hundreds of thousands of fans – it is a wonderfully entertaining story. One that has not been available for decades. And it is my hope that fans who have never read this story are able to get a copy for themselves.

MT: Any stretch goals?

MAD: Yes - we have several. Please see them listed below

  • If we reach $15,000 in pledges, EVERYONE who pledges at ANY level will receive an eBook copy of Maxwell Alexander Drake's award-winning fantasy novel, Farmers & Mercenaries - Book One of the Genesis of Oblivion Saga.
  • If we reach $20,000 in pledges, we will upgrade the I.I.I. Project Collector's Coin from 1" to 2" of awesomeness!
  • If we reach $25,000 in pledges, we will upgrade the 5-page black & white Birds and Bats story that is in the 30th anniversary edition of SnarfQuest to FULL-COLOR!
  • If we reach $30,000 in pledges, we will upgrade the 12-page black & white Werewolf story that is in the 30th anniversary edition of SnarfQuest to FULL COLOR!
  • If we reach $40,000 in pledges, we will upgrade the 30th anniversary edition of SnarfQuest from a Paperback, to a Hardback!
  • If we reach $50,000 in pledges, Larry Elmore will create a new cover that will grace the 30th anniversary edition of SnarfQuest. Plus, this new piece of artwork will be added to the choices for those who get the 20x30 print.
  • And just to be insane, if we reach $250,000 in pledges, we will upgrade the ENTIRE 30th anniversary edition of SnarfQuest to FULL-COLOR!!!

MT: Where can fans find out more about your company?

MAD: For more information about Imagined Interprises, Inc. please visit

MT: What conventions will you be at next?

MAD: I am speaking and doing my writing seminars at several major events this summer, starting with Origins in Columbus OH. After that, I will be at Comic-Con in San Diego, then Gen-Con in Indianapolis. Between those big ones, I will be speaking at about a dozen smaller events. Everything from PirateFest here in Las Vegas, to the League of Utah Writers.

MT: Anything else you’d like to add?

MAD: For those who have never read any of my work, if they would like to see what I am about there are several ways to do that. I am the lead tie-in writer for Sony’s EverQuest Next. There are nearly a dozen stories that I have written that are available absolutely free on Sony’s website. Just go to Once there, choose “Media” from the top menu, and then eBook. Even if you are not planning on playing this game, the stories I have written are wonderful stand-alone pieces of fiction that any fantasy fan will enjoy. In addition, the first five chapters of my epic fantasy saga are free on

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