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Kickstarter spotlight: Fantasy Printing's 365 Dungeons

365 Dungeons
365 Dungeons
Fantasy Printing

Mike Sneed of Fantasy Printing is in the final hours of his Kickstarter to fund 365 Dungeons - a 2015 daily dungeon desk calendar. With just 21 hours remaining and at $16,660, well over its $2,500 goal, I checked in with Mike to learn about his future plans.

Michael Tresca (MT): Tell us about your Kickstarter.

Mike Sneed (MS): I created this Kickstarter because I was in need of a daily calendar and after looking at the available options, found that there's hardly any fantasy calendars. I thought about it and decided on using dungeon maps I had drawn and add some fun games, mazes and searches in as well. So we now have an awesome idea and I've given limited chances for other backers to enter theirs as well.

MT: Tell us about your gaming background.

MS: I'm 37 years old and started gaming around 13 when Heroquest came out with my brother and sister. From there, Dungeons & Dragons and board games. MMORPG the last few years along with D&D, many more board games and miniatures.

MT: Tell us about your company.

MS: Well the company is small, just me. I like it that way because I can take off when I want. But, I do love all things fantasy so that's what I create.

MT: Why should backers contribute to your Kickstarter? What sets it apart?

MS: It's really sort of unique because there just isn't any type of fantasy daily calendar out there.

MT: How do you feel about the state of the gaming industry today?

MS: I think we are living in an incredible time for gamers. It is booming and new stuff blossoming all the time. I mean it's beyond great to me.

MT: What conventions will you be at next?

MS: DragonCon in Atlanta, GA. My hometown.

MT: Anything else you'd like to share?

MS: Thanks for taking the time to read this and happy gaming!

You can help crowdfund 365 Dungeons by contributing on Kickstarter.

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