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Kickstarter project solves issue of charging multiple devices simultaneously

Do you have multiple smartphone and tablet devices in your home? Tired of running out of desk space when charging your mobile devices? Annoyed with the growing mess of cables about your house or office?

The Arq Dock allows charging of multiple devices
2040 Studios/Kickstarter

As a big fan of cable management - and having an organized desk - I got excited when I came across the Arq, a new Kickstarter project, which solves the problem of being able to charge multiple devices simultaneously while taking up a small footprint.

The Arq is a modular dock that provides the ability to charge multiple iOS and Android devices while being 'nested' so that it utilizes a smaller footprint on your desk or wherever you decide to charge your devices. The Arq provides the flexibility of arranging the docking stations in groups or being used individually.

The Arq is made of aluminum construction that’s bead-blasted and anodized. Users can choose from Apollo Silver, Titan Red, or Aurora Black as the color for their dock.

According to B&A studio, the creators of the Arq:

"The Arq was inspired by the utility and space saving features of nesting furniture. CNC machined from aircraft grade aluminum, bead blasted and then anodized for an exquisite finish. Arq docks will compliment any environment you place them in to showcase your devices"

You can use either a Lightening or Micro USB charging cable with the Arq and the cables are easily swapped out (which you can see from the video). The Arq was designed with the ability to allow users to adjust the connector height from 0mm to 9mm which allows a device to sit on the docking station without putting any stress on the connector. Additionally, the adjustable connector height and adjustable back support pins allows you to charge a device even if it's in a case.

One additional useful feature of the Arq is the use of nano suction pads on the bottom of the docking station which allows it to be firmly anchored to smooth surfaces so that you can undock using one hand.

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