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Kickstarter: Jimmy Pocket Towel saves trees and reduces waste!

Kickstarter Campaign
Kickstarter Campaign
Jimmy Towel

Inspired by the need to help a friend suffering from paper-towel-phobia, the Jimmy Towel concept was born. Alex Ramsey, co-founder of Jimmy Towel, began sewing collapsable towels in 2011 for his friend who hadn’t used a paper towel for more than a year and needed a socially appropriate way to dry and clean.

Today, Jimmy Towel is on the brink of launching into production of a variety of fashionable, convenient and locally-produced options available for shipment beginning Spring of 2013.

Jimmy Towel currently has a Kickstarter campaign which was developed to obtain the needed funds to put the first run of fabric into domestic production. The California-based group is only $3,000 shy of their goal which, if reached, would launch the products and make for a “second christmas” gift for all “backers” in late Spring.

To learn more about the Jimmy Towel or to back the campaign - click here