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Kickstarter for film about women in video gaming enters final week

The Kickstarter for No Princess in the Castle hits the final week
The Kickstarter for No Princess in the Castle hits the final week
White Willow Films

No Princess in the Castle, a documentary film project from White Willow Films (The Video Craze) has entered the final week of their Kickstarter campaign.

As of this writing, the project has raised around one-third of the $60,000 goal. The Kickstarter campaign ends on the afternoon of Monday, May 26.

Aiming to feature the stories of a variety of women from all aspects of the video game industry and culture, No Princess in the Castle has lined up a variety of names including game designers such as Brenda Romero and Rebecca Heineman, competitive gamers such as Hollyanne Setola, Ciji Thornton and Jenny Park and others from a variety of other roles, such as author Genese Davis, musician Michelle Sternberger and world record holders Caitlin Oliver and Elizabeth Leffler.

"Beyond the social mythology of women who game as being soft, passive little girls in pastel clothes, often marginalized by the media, viewed as a half-life incarnations, stands a group of women, real women, who game and whose efforts and contributions throughout all aspects of the industry, past and present, have created a powerful momentum that can no longer be ignored," says the synopsis on the official Kickstarter site. "From the producers of The Video Craze, Dave Danzara and Natalie Rossetti of White Willow Films, comes a new documentary on the lives of women in gaming who, against all odds, punched through the peripheral shadows and entered the gaming world center stage."

The film has been met with some resistance from a small but vocal sector that criticizes the film due to the subject matter, casting choices and a variety of other issues. It has also received support from outlets such as Polygon, Misscliks and a variety of regional newspapers and gaming websites.

The link to the No Princess in the Castle Kickstarter can be found here, and concludes at 1:11 p.m. Central on May 26. A number of rewards, ranging from blu-ray copies of the film to shirts and posters to various producer credits, remain available.

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