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Kickstarter campaign to start a Hollywood science fiction museum

According to Science Fiction on Saturday, Huston Huddleston, who has been known for rescuing the prop bridge from "Star Trek: The Next Generation", has started a Kickstarter campaign to open the nations first science fiction museum in Hollywood. The theme of the museum would be to educate those in all aspects according to theme-based science fiction interactive exhibits and tools. This would include anything from film, movies, literature, works of art, and even factual based sciences as seen through the "lens" of sci-fi.

A model of the USS Enterprise 'Bridge' is seen during a press preview of '40 Years of Star Trek: The Collection' at Christie's autction house September 29, 2006 in New York City.
Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images

The facilitating utility would incorporate STEM-based tools (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) and by 2015 Huddleston and his recent Starship Foundation hopes to have it up and running by then. By 2018 he intends on having a much more elaborate museum which would include sectioned off exhibits such as a Hall of Robots, a room dedicated to classic sci-fi cars, and even space ship props by similar type.

Also, Huddleston intends on making a replica of the Millennium Falcon as well as the "Star Trek's" Enterpise-D star ship and the project is funded by Google, Entertainment Earth, Bentley Systems, and Paramount. Also, for those who are familiar with Star Trek The Experience in Las Vegas, the creators of said venue, Rhetroactive, is also teaming up with Huddleston to make this plan happen. Rhetroactive is also known for its "Simpsons" and "Despicable Me" attractions at Universal Studios.

There is the Seattle EMP Museum, which has a similar venue in the vision of Huddleston, but ironically there is no such venue in Hollywood and that's why he plans on making this a reality. Those backing Huddleston's plan include celebrities and artists from "Star Trek", "Babylon 5", "Firefly", "Battlestar Galactica", and so on.

Huddleston's Kickstarter page for the Hollywood Science Fiction Museum is online and waiting for contributions to make it all worthwhile. The goal is to obtain $82,300 and so far it's nearing $25,000. The museum will also co-mingle sci-fi along with real life science and exhibits dedicated to scientific results based on fact.

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