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Kickstarter Campaign in the works for iCup, the Simplest Mobile Phone Ever

In 2007, Apple released the iPhone, a game-changing communication device. The company constantly is improving the phone, looking for ways to make it simpler and more reliable. Apple has an event schedule for September 9, and the smart money expects the iPhone 6 to be part of the release.

Poking fun at Apple’s product events like this, ADA (Association of Digital Artists) Sport created an “iPhone C.U.P.S.” video in 2013. The late Steve Jobs was all about simplicity, and nothing can be simpler than two paper cups connected by string.

“Overall, we are an animation company; we produce content online. We love to make parodies, especially about Apple. It’s so much fun to make fun of them,” said iCup inventor Mike M. when reached by phone for an interview. “I think the iPhone 5c came out [last] September. It’s a plastic phone, and they tried to brand it as a cool thing.”

Mike and his colleagues wondered what could be next, what would be the next thing that Apple would release. “That was where we got the idea, presenting these childish toys, but in the way that Apple presents products,” he said. “The whole idea of our company is creating competition between animation teams. Our teams compete with each other by creating funny cartoons.”

Thinking outside the cup

As Mike pointed out, Apple promotes pure communication, which truly describes the iCup. With no need for batteries, applications, or fancy cases, the proposed iCup is communication in raw form. But ADA Sport didn’t anticipate that consumers would actually pay $9.99 to own a genuine iCup.

“It started as sarcasm and a joke, but people were really into it,” Mike said. “We made a few prototypes and showed it around. People loved it. And it’s so important right now: people are busy, stressed. This is kind of a childish joke, a toy with the packaging of Apple. It’s something really silly and makes people laugh. That’s pretty much what we are all about.”

The company ultimately sees the product as a gag gift. They are preparing a Kickstarter campaign to produce more iCups, marketing them as cheap, smart gifts. Last December, Mike also went to the Dallas Technology Conference to pitch the idea for the iCup.

“The best part is that I met Steve Wozniak, pretty much the father of Apple, and I showed this to him. When he opened the box, he was laughing so hard at the joke,” Mike said.

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