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Kickstarter campaign for FLUID photography exhibition enters final week

Photos from the FLUID photography exhibit in Toronto
Photos from the FLUID photography exhibit in Toronto
Kati Holland

FLUID, an international photography exhibition featuring the work of bisexual artists, is coming to Toronto in June, 2014. FLUID will be part of Toronto's WorldPride celebrations, an international gathering that celebrates the activism, education, history and culture of global LGBTQ2SSIA communities.

Photo triptych from FLUID
Kati Holland

The organizers hope to create more than an art exhibition. "The gallery will be a supportive, creative, energetic hub that will be used for workshops, poetry readings, artist talks and more," says organizer Catherine Jones. "For one month Toronto will have a 'home away from home' for bisexuals."

"As a queer-identified bisexual woman," says Jones, "I sometimes feel invisible, both in the straight and gay/lesbian communities. I still hear from bisexual youth that they feel pressured to choose a side. Visibility has never been more important."

The organizers of FLUID believe that art can change lives. "To be heard, to see yourself represented, and to see yourself celebrated is a magical, transformative experience for any community. We also believe that artists have a unique voice. Artists build bridges, change perceptions and open hearts."

This is more than just a gallery show; it's also their way of building community. "Our goal is to create a space that celebrates diversity in all its wonderful variations - so whether you identify as queer, bi, pansexual, fluid, omnisexual, two-spirit, asexual - or you don't like labels at all - we invite you to join us this June. In our space you can be gloriously and unapologetically yourself. "

FLUID is trying to raise $4,000 to make this project a reality. Incentives are offered at every donation level - from exhibition catalogs, limited edition photography to bellydance lessons, as well as portrait sessions, private gallery tours, and one-of-a-kind FLUID buttons and stickers. You can support this project on the FLUID Kickstarter page.