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Kickstarter according to Tom Bancroft

Animator Tom Bancroft's Kickstarter-funded comic Opposite Forces
Tom Bancroft

Residing in Nashville these days, animator and author Tom Bancroft knows a thing or five about art, particularly that of comics and animation. Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King, Aladdin, Mulan, Brother Bear, and Veggie Tales all appear on his CV. (Top that!)

However, another of his crowning achievements is the successful 2013 campaign for his original trade paper back graphic novel Opposite Forces. The 'upfront fundage,' as Bancroft labels his Kickstarter coup, yielded resources for him to publish and distribute hundreds of copies of the creative, hilarious, color comic. The resulting book consists of four bound issues plus bonus material, including a concept sketch book and a TV series pitch.

Readers, if you have similar aspirations, then follow the five-step path of Tom Bancroft, and profit from your vision! Here are the stimulating suggestions as per the Tom Bancroft bailiwick:

1) Wrangle a large online following - Bancroft is a major internet presence; see his complete Kickstarter page,,,,, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, DisneyWiki, About.Me, and, well, just Google him. In other words, he has many web marketing outlets and lots of fans. Ultimately, these translate into crowd sourced capitalization, as Kickstarter has proven for Bancroft.

2) Have a famous twin brother - Tom Bancroft's identical sibling is the LA-based Tony Bancroft, co-director of Disney's Mulan, author of Directing for Animation, and current helmer of various high profile projects. Like his brother, Tony has a huge and loyal following. As you might have guessed, there are opportunities for familial cross promotion, such as The Bancroft Brothers on Facebook. This kind of buzz is a great foundation for a Kickstarter effort, such as Opposite Forces.

3) Enlist other noteworthy artists as contributors - Bancroft names a host of stellar artists who provide additional images for his book. J. Scott Campbell, Frank Cho, Mike Wieringo, Humberto Ramos, Mike Kunkel, Phil Noto, Tony Bancroft and more are in the Opposite Forces credit roster. This extends many more chances for cross-social-media-promotion.

4) Draw uproarious pictures - Bancroft's characters are so expressive and distinct that they are worth their weight in sold (as in, sold books). The cover art drives this point home: a handsome, arrogant superhero physically and metaphorically hovers over an illustration of unrequited love. The mismatched lovers in question are a chubby nebbish and a blonde hottie. The book cover, plus additional full-color art, appear on Bancroft's Kickstarter page and clearly impress viewers (especially those who are now financial backers).

5) Be a lively storyteller - Besides the comedic action in Opposite Forces, Bancroft tells a good personal story. His real life Opposite Forces journey surfaces on Kickstarter, and it is a compelling and educational tale.

In summary, follow this route and get funded, content creators! Also consider offering SWAG (Bancroft does this too).

For more on Tom Bancroft, well, just Google him, and please purchase Opposite Forces.

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