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KICKING off the GRAMMYS with two SUPER STARS!!!!

GRAMMY® Awards 2014 TONIGHT at 8:00pm CBS
GRAMMY® Awards 2014 TONIGHT at 8:00pm CBS
Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

The OPENING performance of the 56th GRAMMY AWARDS was by Beyonce singing one of her new songs off her new album. The stage was rotating as she was sitting on a chair with a brand new hair style. It had the same flare as the old Flash Dance Movie. After a few BLEEPED lyrics of the song, she gave a wonderful opening performance. She looks better than ever. Then her Hubby came out on stage suited up in a Tuxedo. They performed together. Then they gracefully walked off the stage arm in arm.

Then Mr. L.L. Cool J came out looking completely handsome and stylin'.

What a way to Start the 56th GRAMMY Awards.