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Kickin' and screamin,' Jason and Alexis drag Dunkin' Donuts to Minnesota at last

Dunkin' Donuts on their way back
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Of course, I exaggerate, but Jason did say say that he didn't get a Twitter reply for months 'till a few weeks ago. DD (Dunkin' Doughnuts, just go with it) used to be here, but for some reason left. After months of Tweeting them, as Jason admitted, they finally "gave in." Sunday's show was a rerun of another day (maybe Friday) and on the show he said "yesterday," so this is all brand new.

Twitter praises came in; one guy actually "promised" to give his "small finger" to get Dunkin' over here. This pushed the trio into a bit of a creepy, Dunkin'-infused rant about how "useful" a small finger, a pinkie, really is. "It doesn't affect your balance," Jason touted. I guess, one lesson to learn from today's rerun - if all else fails, sacrifice body parts to get good donuts and coffee. Yessirree.

Another fascinating aspect of the show is their references to Star Wars characters. Chewbaca growled a few times to confirm or refute what was said. Jason talked of him as the boyfriend of one of the ladies. And Darth Vader "showed up" when they talked about some business the ladies liked. He started waving the light saber around, and Jason told him to 'stop before you hurt yourself."

Also, if anyone cares - Bruce and Kris Jenners are splitting up. She said - those who watched Season 9 shoulda seen the clues. And during the hour Jason made sure to make it known how much, with what intensity he disapproves of Michael Bay's take on the Transformers, his movie recreation of the comics. He said he could go on and on why, but he'll spare the audience (honestly, I wanted to hear it 'cause I feel the same way). Alexis suggested that the movie was mostly to show off Megan Fox's boobs and butt. Listen more to 107.1FM MyTalk for more elaboration and to find out why Jason dislikes Bay's Transformers as much as he claims to.

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