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Kicked out for changing baby? Woman claims restaurant booted her for diaper duty

A Texas mom is crying foul after she claims she was kicked out of a sit-down pizzeria for changing the diaper on her infant baby. Her diaper-duty boot comes with an important caveat – she wasn’t changing her baby in the privacy of a bathroom, she opted to diaper up her little darling right out in the open, on the table, you know, where people eat.

Kicked out for changing baby? Woman claims restaurant booted her for diaper duty
Diaper / Wikimedia Commons

Says the Huffington Post: “A Texas mother says she and her three kids were tossed out of a pizza place after she changed a baby's diaper at the table. Miranda Sowers said she first took her 4-month-old daughter to the restroom of the Brother's Pizza Express in Spring, but found it didn't have a changing table. So she went back to her table and took matters into her own hands.”

As did the employees, who told Sowers she had to leave after they received instant complaints from disgusted diners. They packed up the fam's food and showed them the door.

Sowers sees things differently, and has since filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau about the way she was treated.

“When I asked about a changing table in the restroom, the girl working there was very rude about it,” the complaint reads. “I blocked anyone from seeing what was going on. When they brought my food, they asked me to leave for changing a diaper.”

Sowers isn’t ignorant of the unsanitary nature of her actions. She “understood their point,” she said, but wants to “make a point” of her own about the rude way in which she claims she was treated.

“(Had) she not ignored me when I was requesting another cup when ours had a hole in it or been rude that I nicely complained they had nowhere to change a baby, I probably would have taken my kids outside in the heat to change a diaper,” she said, which is a bit of a different take than what she said in the video seen above.

So to drive her opinion about the discourteous staff, she used her tot as a hock in an I’ll-show-you moment? Really?

Brother’s Pizza Express defended their actions, saying it’s common sense to keep the diapers out of the dining room.

“How would you feel?” asked Bessa Lala, whose family owns the popular pizzeria. “You're sitting there eating. I don't want to lose all these other customers because they see a dirty diaper.” Lala said patrons complained about Sowers, despite her claims that she “hid” her child from view.

Writes the NY Daily News:

Brother’s Pizza Express’ Facebook page was flooded with comments, criticisms and debates about the incident, Eater Houston reported.

“While we here at Brothers Pizza appreciate the over-whelming support from all of our customers and others, comments, phone calls, and messages, I do ask everyone please refrain from using the fan page as a forum for discussion,” a post from Saturday reads.

What are your thoughts? Did the restaurant make the right decision? Sound off below.

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