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Kick aspartame (and gluten, too) with PUR Gum!

PUR Gum: Coolmint and Cinnamon flavors
PUR Gum: Coolmint and Cinnamon flavors

When you have dietary restrictions, or you just want to eat better, unhealthy little monsters tend to lurk everywhere. The gluteny breadcrumbs by the toaster, the aspartame in your drink…sometimes nothing seems safe!

Newsflash: I know of something that’s safe, and by “safe,” I mean free of gluten, sugar, dairy, GMOs, aspartame, soy, nuts, and animal products. It’s Swiss-made PUR Gum, the #1-selling chewing gum in the health food market worldwide.

PUR Gum takes its commitment to serving the health-conscious, as well as those with dietary restrictions, very seriously. Among the folks who are able to chew PUR Gum: diabetics, expecting mothers, vegans, Celiacs, and kids with nut allergies, among others. And with six tasty flavors—Wintergreen, Spearmint, Peppermint, Pomegranate Mint, and the newest flavors, Coolmint and Cinnamon—to choose from, gum has never tasted so good (and so darn good for you!).

PUR Gum is particularly proud of being aspartame-free. Aspartame, a man-made sweetener found in many other sugar-free gums, isn’t exactly the healthiest ingredient—in fact, the FDA compiled a list of 92 health symptoms reported from the use of aspartame. Because PUR Gum is aspartame-free, it is safe for pregnant women to chew. And because PUR Gum contains xylitol (the lowest sweetener on the glycemic index), it doesn’t cause a spike in blood sugar, and it’s safe for diabetics—in fact, it may even help reduce sugar and carbohydrate cravings (an added bonus!).

Because PUR Gum is free of so many common food allergens, it is safe to bring to work and home, and to share with friends and family. You can give it to your gluten-, dairy-, soy-, and nut-free friends without fear that they’ll have an adverse reaction.

In addition to being a safe gum to chew, it’s also delicious. PUR Gum’s new Cinnamon flavor has a bite to it, but it’s not too spicy. It brings a nice mix of heat and sweet, and the flavor is very long-lasting. (For some reason, chewing the Cinnamon flavor really helps me focus at work.) And the Coolmint flavor tastes fresh and clean, with a chill blast of natural-tasting mint—the perfect thing to chew after a meal to freshen your breath. Chewing PUR Gum may help your oral health, too, as xylitol can even help prevent tooth decay and cavities.

Want to join the legions of folks who are “kicking aspartame” by choosing to chew PUR Gum? You can purchase a pack at your local Whole Foods or health food store, or online at The Cinnamon and Coolmint flavors will be hitting shelves this month.

For more information on PUR Gum’s flavors, ingredients, and retailers, visit

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