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KIA will offer an all electric ride with the 2014 KIA Soul EV

Kia announced the electrified version of the 2014 KIA Soul (Urban Passenger Vehicle) is scheduled to arrive sometime in 2014. KIA only made the announcement about the impending arrival of the 2014 KIA Soul EV and very little else. Expect to see overtly skinny rodents advertising the 2014 KIA Soul EV soon.

A hint at what KIA has in store for us in 2014
Nathan Adlen

“Eco-consciousness already comes standard on the all-new Soul with 85-percent of its materials able to be recycled at the end of its lifespan, and the Soul EV will further demonstrate Kia’s engineering capabilities as well as our commitment to producing vehicles with reduced environmental footprints,” said Orth Hedrick, executive director of product planning, KMA. “The Soul has always been a terrific choice for drivers in urban environments, and the all-new version’s blend of technology, refinement, style, improved dynamics and value has allowed us to create a car that is as efficient as it is fun to drive.”

It sounds like KIA is aiming for a unique looking Soul rather than an all new vehicle (a-la Nissan Leaf). Expect to see an updated KIA Soul with a few obvious signs of electric power - namely, a lack of an exhaust pipe. It looks like the basis of the new vehicle will underpin the 2014 KIA Soul EV. If that's the case, I can attest to the solid 2014 KIA Soul's platform.

"Kia’s first EV in the U.S. will combine the Soul’s funky and iconic design with new styling cues aimed at improving aerodynamics and distinguishing it from non-EV Souls" - - KIA Mwdia

I enjoyed my time with the 2014 KIA Soul and I think KIA is smart to bring out an electric vehicle. I have to wonder, why not opt for a more aerodynamic vehicle like the KIA Rio5? With that said, it will be intriguing to see what KIA comes up with.

Look for more information about the 2014 KIA Soul EV to be announced at an upcoming auto show.

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