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Kia Super Bowl ad asks, red key or blue key

Morpheus and the Kia K900
Morpheus and the Kia K900

Nostalgia is a powerful thing. It is an experience that we as the human race all share. It is familiarity in the basis of memory, which goes beyond that, and triggers an emotional response. Kia tried to capitalize on that with their Super Bowl ad.

The K900, set to finally make it to American shores in 2015, has Laurence Fishburne reprising his role as Morpheus from the 1999 cyberpunk fueled blockbuster The Matrix. Considering that anyone born the year that movie came out can now get their learners permit in most states, it will make most of us feel old that there are some out there that won’t know what the commercial was parodying. While others, just entering the luxury car market will remember the movie distinctly.

Sold as the K9 in South Korea, and as the Quoris in other international markets, the K900 is poised to go not only toe to toe with rival Korean manufacturer Hyundai’s Equus, but also the likes of luxury eight cylinder offerings from German pedigrees.

The ad is simple. Two choices are offered by the sunglassed and leather trench coated Fishburne, in the role that he is remembered most for. Perhaps one day someone else besides myself will remember him for his role as Cowboy Curtis on Saturday morning’s Pee-Wee’s Play House, but I digress. Take the blue key, and go with your run of the mill 7-Series, A8’s, or S-Class. Go with the red key, and go with something that is new, different, that breaks the mold of what is considered the norm, especially from the budget priced manufacturer.

Kia continues to up their game. The K900 will feature power-reclining rear seats with their VIP Package. Like the Aston Martin, the digital tachometer sweeps in reverse in sport mode, as well as an around-view parking monitor featuring multiple selectable view angles. It would seem that even though this is the first time the South Koreans have built any car like this, they have taken the right cues from all the right luxury sources.

Will the general public take the blue key and return to the Matrix behind the wheel of a BMW, or will they take red key and go with the new Kia K900? We will have to wait and see.