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Khloe Kardashian’s ex tries to hook up with former fling during divorce

Khloe Kardashian
Khloe Kardashian
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Khloe Kardashian has been questioning whether she should give Lamar Odom a second chance or whether to give up on the marriage completely. He keeps saying that he wants to keep trying, but he isn't showing Khloe that he wants to save the marriage. In fact, it seems like he just wants love from whoever wants to give it. According to a new Radar Online report published on March 26, Khloe Kardashian’s ex-husband is supposedly flirting with his ex-girlfriend, who is also the mother of his two children.

“He got dirty with Liza over the phone, acting like he wanted to hook up with her again,” a source has revealed. “Liza laughed at him. But if he’s trying to get things better with Khloe, she’d better watch out, because Lamar is still creeping.” Even though he keeps saying that he wants to get back together with Khloe, he also seems to be flirting with other women. He was spotted “flirting with two women in the lobby of the Aloft Harlem Hotel,” earlier this month according to an eyewitness.

“He nows how to make women feel special. They just melt,” a family friend said. However, Khloe isn’t falling for it. “It’s sad,” an insider has revealed about their romance. “She does love him and she’s already been through so much. Him doing this again is just the ultimate insult.” Given that he is contacting the mother of his children, one can imagine that Khloe isn’t about to rush back to him. Maybe this is the confirmation that she needs to move on.

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