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Khloe Kardashian helps Rob with weight loss; Kim loses 55 pounds on Atkins

Keeping up with the Kardashian family weight loss requires a score sheet.
Keeping up with the Kardashian family weight loss requires a score sheet.
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Anyone who's ever tried to find comfort in a carton of triple fudge ripple ice cream will understand how Rob Kardashian's battle with depression caused him to pile on the pounds. Now his sister Khloé is helping him achieve his weight loss goals with diet and exercise, reported Hollywood Life on Aug. 29.

Rob "hates being big, but he gained all that weight from being depressed," said a source. "He wants to lose over 50 lbs."

To relieve his depression, Rob is attending therapy and living at Khloé's home. The brother-sister team plan to motivate each other to follow healthy diets and exercise.

The culprit in Rob's weight gain isn't a surprise. It's junk food, reported E News on Aug. 29. And his mother Kris Jenner, known to be such a diet diva that she has her own weight loss chef, has been nagging him, which hasn't helped.

Kris had "been so worried" about her son, said a source. Although she can't play the role of food cop now that Rob is living with his sister, the source added that she feels "very relieved Rob is living with Khloé."

While Kris and Khloé try to help Rob, where is Kim? She is the Kardashian most famed for her weight loss success, after losing more than 55 pounds on the high fat low carb ketogenic Atkins diet.

Kim initially did try to help Rob, as shown on "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" reality TV show. She even set up training sessions for him. but Kim's idea of "helping" seemed like bullying.

"I really needed a pregnant friend," Kim joked at one point. Rob informed her that he was not pregnant, to which Kim replied, "I know, but you eat like one."

In contrast to Rob's love for junk food, Kim stays true to her low carb diet. She told People magazine that after eating bread during her pregnancy, she's learned to focus on protein and healthy fats.

The Atkins diet is designed to shift the body into fat-burning mode through nutritional ketosis. She usually eats an omelet with cheese for breakfast, fish and a salad for lunch, turkey with cheese for snacks and chicken with vegetables for dinner.

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