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Florida Elections 2014
Florida Elections 2014
Dr. Farid Khavari

[The following is from Dr. Farid Khavari’s Website]

A fast-growing number of people support economist and independent candidate for Florida governor Farid Khavari’s economic plan for Florida, but a few people say Khavari seems “angry.” Of course, he’s angry–and every voter in Florida should be angry, too. Just look at the candidates the Republicans and Democrats offer for governor, and look at the legislature’s blatant services to Big Money Special Interests, while ignoring the people’s business.

Republican governor Rick Scott made hundreds of millions of dollars overseeing the largest Medicare fraud in history. As governor, Scott denied Medicaid to over 1.1 million people, while one of his million-dollar donors got a billion dollars in state Medicaid contracts. He says he “cringes” if anyone mentions the words “minimum wage”. Scott is happy to see low-wage jobs in Florida, because “any job is welcome.” Scott is against medical marijuana, and even if Amendment 2 passes, Scott could delay implementation indefinitely until the lawsuits reach the Supreme Court. Scott brags that he will spend $100,000,000 on his campaign. Big money donors know investing in Scott is profitable for them, at the expense of all Floridians.

Former Republican governor Charlie Crist wants his old job back, this time as a Democrat. Crist is handsomer than Scott, and he’s the darling of high-end trial lawyers who expect a governor to appoint some friendly judges and seats on the Supreme Court. Crist hopes people forget how he cancelled work on Everglades restoration started by Jeb Bush, and “negotiated” with Big Sugar to pay them billions of dollars for some land. He hopes they forget his good buddy Scott Rothstein, a crooked lawyer who shared many a man-hug and plenty of dollars with Crist—before Rothstein was sent to prison for 50 years in a billion-dollar Ponzi scheme. As attorney-general, then governor, Crist oversaw enforcement of some of the toughest marijuana laws in America. Now he says he’s all for medical marijuana. Minimum wage? “We have to do more”. His main message seems to be, “I am not Rick Scott.”

These two guys have never met a Big Money Special Interest that they aren’t eager to help, as long as the checks are big enough. Everybody knows this. No wonder each of them was elected before by less than 25% of eligible voters. It’s OK to be angry. It’s crazy not to be. But it’s time to do something about it, before it’s too late.

More and more people see Farid Khavari as the antidote for Florida’s poisoned politics.

Khavari’s economic plan for Florida takes a few minutes to read through, but it’s well worth the time. He explains why stimulus plans and tax giveaways never create jobs, and how we can create 1,000,000 good middle class jobs in Florida at no cost to taxpayers. He explains how restoring the Everglades and all the clean-water projects won’t cost, they will pay. He explains how we can improve health care for everyone, while reducing costs by billions per year; how we can immediately slash property insurance costs by 30% for everyone. All that and more are on his website

He also explains how corruption in Florida’s government is not only costing Florida billions of dollars per year, but hundreds of thousands of jobs as well.

People are increasingly disgusted with politics in general. Recent polls show that increasing numbers of voters, as many as 60% already, do not associate with any political party, more voters than the rapidly declining rolls of Republicans and Democrats put together. Khavari is becoming a focal point for voters Democrats, Republicans and even Tea Party members who realize that staying home is not the same as voting for “none of the above” and that this time there are more than enough voters to make a change.

Clearly the most outspoken candidate in the race, Khavari doesn’t mince words. Maybe he upset a few people by referring to the Florida legislature as “The Best Little Whorehouses in Florida”, but no one argues that it is not true. Most people were shocked to learn how cheaply some legislators in powerful positions sell themselves.

Khavari supports medical marijuana, as do most Floridians, but insists that big business must be kept out of marijuana and that medical marijuana should be produced by small growers and sold by independent small outlets, all sensibly regulated. He promises to order the Department of Health to implement medical marijuana immediately, assuming the voters pass Amendment 2. Khavari also supports legalization of marijuana under the same strictures.

Khavari refers to the pharmaceutical companies as America’s “Drug Cartel”, which seems a bit rude until you read that seniors on Medicaid overpay thousands of dollars per year for prescription drugs in the most disgusting example of collusion and Congressional corruption in history. When Khavari pledges to sue the Cartel, Congress, Medicare and the U.S. government for racketeering, corruption, and price fixing, you might wonders if he is over the edge—until you remember the Tobacco Lawsuits. In the case of prescription drug overcharges, computer records prove exactly which people were ripped off for how much, making it easy to repay them. But when Khavari proposes “a tax (on pharmaceuticals) that even the Tea Party will love” he is not crazy, he’s brilliant. Taxing 110% of the overcharge and returning 100% to the buyer of each rip-off prescription will work a lot faster than a lawsuit.

Khavari’s plan appeals to virtually every group of voters, because behind the “anger” are strong moral principles of equal rights for everyone without discrimination in any form. People who meet him come away knowing that he truly cares for people, especially those who have gotten a raw deal from lack of opportunity or predatory practices. His solutions for extending health care to everyone and slashing college costs are designed to save taxpayers money, while improving economic opportunities for all.

All, that is, except for predatory banks, insurance companies, utilities and other Big Money Special Interests who corrupt Florida’s government and freely prey on Florida’s treasury and its citizens.

More and more people like what Khavari stands for and pledges to do for the people of Florida. They also understand the value of his pledge to veto any legislation which makes money for a special interest group. Straight-talking as usual, Khavari says this is the “way to end prostitution in the legislature.” Can anyone deny that this would work?

Finally, Khavari promises that if the legislature fails to act on important issues like the environment or jobs, he will lead the ballot initiatives to let voters bypass the legislature and decide for themselves. He calls this “Direct Democracy.”

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