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Khans of Tarkir speculation: Mark Rosewater's cryptic "cheese" comment

The warlord, meanwhile, has frequent visitors.
The warlord, meanwhile, has frequent visitors.

Magic players are known to go after some pretty silly rumors on wild goose chases. Sometimes the rumors ("poison is back!") turn out to be true. Sometimes ("sixth color!") less so. But something Mark Rosewater said on his Tumblr blog with regard to Khans of Tarkir recently may have led to the silliest line of speculation I have ever seen.

When deus-amoeba asked him, "Does Khans of Tarkir have anything in common with say... a wedge of cheese?" Rosewater responded in the affirmative, leading to a massive comment thread based on the implication that he meant in that it's a wedge - i.e. enemy color triples - themed block.

And while there is merit to that interpretation - especially since the block supposedly has a theme that players have long been requesting, since wedges have been popular since at least Shards of Alara - it's not the only one. After all, that would put only one block between one multicolor themed block (Return to Ravnica) and the next, and Rosewater is known for making tricky riddle-like statements such as this, which could also mean "It'll get better as it ages." Regardless of what notion is actually true, the debate will likely rage until actual Khans of Tarkir cards are previewed.