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Khans of Tarkir name and number crunch underway

Spoiler season for Khans of Tarkir is in full swing, with close to a third of the set already revealed. That means that we've got a reasonably well-filled in name and number crunch for the already known cards in Khans of Tarkir and the gaps between them, courtesy of Rumor Mill user Sugiwara. The assumptions for color distribution are, reasonably enough, based on the last large set with a tricolor bent - Shards of Alara, only changed to wedges instead of arcs.. Here's what we can extrapolate:

  • The last white card might be a Scrabble big-pointer. The last couple of white cards in alphabetical order begin with W, which means that the presumptive final white card - collector number 32 - could be an X, Y, or Z-name. Considering there's a character named Zurgo with white in his color identity in this set, a Zurgo's [Something] might be what we'll see.
  • More Ugin's stuff? There's definitely plenty of space at the end of both red and artifacts/colorless for U names, and since Ugin is known to be important to the background and main story of the set alike, what with whispering into Sarkhan's mind and all, we can count on a small handful of in-name references to the Spirit Dragon himself.
  • There's... way a lot of land. Between the lowest and the highest known collector numbers for lands, there are twenty spaces. With two cycles confirmed, that's ten lands that we known for sure, which means ten more have to fill in the gaps. So, yes - there are probably four land cycles in Khans of Tarkir.
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