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Khan point deduction boxing debate aided by technology

It is very hard to try and force an unfounded opinion down someone’s throat in today’s day and age.

New technology can aid fans in their debates
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Aided by the Internet and Web 2.0 resource, if you have the data to back up an argument – it is hard for naysayers to refute your stance.

Following Saturday night’s alleged controversy in the Amir Khan – Lamont Peterson junior welterweight boxing match, many fans were upset that referee Joseph Cooper deducted two points from Khan for pushing.

Fans have argued that pushing is no big deal, although it goes against the rules of boxing, and that no other referees in the sport seem to enforce it.

We live in interesting times, when a man like Joseph Cooper is chastised for doing his job and holding Khan accountable for over pushing Peterson 50 times in 12 rounds.

And how do I know that Peterson was shoved over 50 times? Is it because HBO, which broadcast the bout in the United States, has some sort of statistical packages that follows such things?


It is because boxing fan John Chavez, co-host of The Boxing Truth Radio, took the time to make a video package detailing all of the Khan fouls and putting it up on YouTube for all to see.

You can watch the video here.

After the fight, Chavez made mention of Cooper doing his job in the bout via Twitter, only to be attacked by many fans saying that the referee was misguided and “wrong” for deducting points from Khan and costing the British fighter a decision.

Chavez, after arguing with several fans, edited the video and put it on YouTube – basically silencly every one of his debaters, except the most hard headed.

The truth is out there, and hard to hide.


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