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Raiders re-sign Khalif Barnes: Raises concern about Veldheer (Photos)

The Oakland Raiders have recently signed offensive lineman Khalif Barnes. However, Jared Veldheer has not been signed yet. So, is Barnes taking over Veldheer’s place?

Tackle Khalif Barnes #69 of the Oakland Raiders plays against the Dallas Cowboys in the first quarter of a preseason game on August 9, 2013 at Coliseum in Oakland, California. The Raiders won 19-17.
Photo by Brian Bahr/Getty Images

It was reported on Saturday that Barnes stayed on board by signing with the Silver and Black and was very excited to be part of a team that is in the rebuilding process.

The re-signing of Barnes was not a bad move for the Raiders since the offensive lineman stayed healthy for all 16 games last season.

Barnes, last season, had filled in as the left tackle for injured, tricep surgery, Jared Veldheer for 11 games. For, the other five games, Barnes played his usual position which is right tackle.

Yes, the Raiders struggled with the O-line last year, but it was still better than the year before when Carson Palmer was at the helm in 2012. Of course, Barnes was there and did his job as best as possible.

Overall, Khalif Barnes has been with the Raiders since 2009, and is currently part of the rebuilding status that Oakland is desperately going through.

Barnes has expressed to the press during his signing that he is excited to be part of the Raiders’ rebuilding. Can’t beat that!

For a guy who has started 41 games in the last three seasons and who can fill in as left guard, that’s not a bad re-signing for the Raiders at all!

The only concern that this signing brings up is the fact that Jared Veldheer, who is considered as one of the best left tackle guard in the league, has not been signed by the Oakland Raiders yet.

The signing of Veldheer might be more complicated since Veldheer is sought by many teams, and, maybe, that is why it has not happened yet. However, a question arises from this issue: Are the Raiders planning on using Barnes as the left tackle for next season?

Nothing was reported about Khalif Barnes taking over Veldheer’s position, if the Raiders chose not to re-sign Veldheer. Still, that is a concern for many fans.

In the end, the Raiders’ fans will not find out about Jared Veldheer’s destiny until it is revealed later or hopefully soon.

Until then, the Oakland Raiders were wise to keep Khalif Barnes for his experience with the team and devotion to help rebuild.

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