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KFC reveals edible chicken corsage; wearing chicken to prom is bizarre

KFC reveals edible chicken corsage
KFC reveals edible chicken corsage
Photo by Sascha Schuermann/Getty Images

KFC is looking to take a bite out of prom night with the new edible chicken corsage. While the young women are looking to look beautiful in a head turning gown and perfect hair, it seems that the chicken company wants to make those flowers extra special. According to the Today Show on Sunday the edible chicken corsage offers a piece of chicken surrounded by flowers.

The chicken corsage definitely will give parents to take another picture. The drumstick is surrounded by baby breath flowers and can be tied to a wrist. There is no denying that the opportunity to have a choice of extra crispy, grilled or original recipe chicken will have everyone debating what might look best with the prom dress.

The KFC chicken corsage costs $20. It comes with a $5 coupon for a drumstick in any flavor. It is only available in a limited area, but the idea has people thinking about how complex prom night has become for teenagers.

There is no word on where the napkins might be placed (perhaps in the teen’s clutch) or if any sauce is included (hot sauce is essential for any good piece of chicken.) And how the date might feel if there is no sharing.

Now that chicken can be part of a corsage, what is to stop other fast food joints to make edible corsages? Perhaps Taco Bell will have a taco corsage? Or McDonald’s will have a McNuggets corsage?

Apparently high school has changed over the years when it comes to prom night. Not only do the couples need to plan what to wear, but also what they might eat.

It is important that KFC has confirmed this is a real product (and not some late April Fool’s Day prank.) Looking to increase the chicken sold for prom night, the restaurant is trying to come up with something new.

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