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KFC corsage: Prom 2014 will let you bring your food in

KFC releases new chicken corsage.
KFC releases new chicken corsage.
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The KFC corsage is generating buzz on the Internet. Yes, you read that right. Kentucky Fried Chicken has come up with a new idea for a corsage, and it has been released in time for prom season this year. Boys can bring their date a corsage with a piece of chicken as the centerpiece. On April 12, ABC News reported on the new item that is causing some buzz with its launch.

What is the KFC corsage? For $20, a person can buy a corsage with a piece of original recipe chicken as the centerpiece. You can even order this item online, but it won't come with the chicken. A couple will be sent with the corsage for $5. You can use it to buy a drumstick, and you can either attach it to the corsage or use it for a meal before the big night. Orders are already coming in for this corsage too.

This new corsage is getting people talking today. People on Twitter are not holding back their thoughts on the new item from KFC. One person on Twitter said that it was the 'dumbest thing' he ever heard of. That does seem to be the trend with those that comment about this corsage.

Even with the laughs and the negative comments, it is clear that KFC has managed to do one thing with this clever item. People are talking about KFC again. This story has generated more publicity for the restaurant fast food chain than any ad campaign.

What do you think? Would you buy a corsage from KFC for your prom date?