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KFC corsage: Chicken drumstick nestled in baby's breath, a prom poultry first

Kentucky Fried Chicken unveils its latest creation, the chicken corsage. It is literally a wrist corsage full of baby’s breath with a fried chicken drumstick plopped in the center of this prom poultry extravaganza. This is not a joke, which is something ABC News had to report in their article dated April 12, before they could entice folks to read on. KFC’s corsage has silk baby’s breath flowers, which looks so wispy and light, then it has a big fried drumstick nestled into the middle of it, really!

KFC Chicken Corsage: A serious offering from KFC.
YouTube/ KFC

The thinking behind this latest creation is not clear, but it sounds as if they are catering to the prom and high school dance crowd. They are also saying that it works great for a corsage for the wedding party. KFC has partnered up with Nanz & Kraft, a Louisville, Kentucky florist to offer these flower and chicken corsages. How do you get one you ask? You order them online.

So far they have 20 orders for this Kentucky Fried accessory and a request from a wedding, reports KFC spokesperson, Rick Maynard. The KFC corsages are advertised online enticing sales with, “Looking for a corsage that will make your date’s eyes light up and her mouth water?” Some how that just doesn’t seem to go together for a romantic date. The website promises that the KFC drumstick will make this year’s dance one that both of you will remember. Calling it the “secret recipe” to this year’s dance.

The price is only $20.00 plus shipping and handling. How do you keep the chicken fresh? You don’t, the flowers come to you via mail, (don’t forget they are silk so they don’t spoil), and a coupon for that drumstick comes with the flowers. On that special day you run to your nearest KFC and get the scrumptious drumstick to dazzle your date. ABC News suggests you can attach it to the flowers or just eat it before the big event.

Just when you think you’ve heard about every new bizarre trend, here comes another one. One question that the person expected to wear this drumstick nestled in flowers might want to ask is, how do you manage the grease? All fried chicken, even the famous KFC chicken, will have some remnants of grease. Today News offers up an idea for coordinating cuff links for the man made out of chicken nuggets!

What about the dogs in the neighborhood? Isn’t this a bit of a risk for your date if a dog happens by? Check out the chicken corsage above. For some reason this appears as two items that were never meant to be paired. Oh well, as crazy as it seems, fried chicken might be the scent coming out of the prom venues this year. Check out the video above showing when a boy gives the chicken corsage to a girl in front of her parents, it is really funny.

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