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KFC apologizes to scarred girl asked to leave: Victoria given $30K toward bills

People who have been following the startling incident involving young Victoria Wilcher will be glad to hear that KFC apologized to the scarred girl asked to leave one of their chain restaurants recently. In fact, according to the Associated Press via People on Monday, KFC is also giving the girl's family a substantial amount of money to be used toward her medical bills.

KFC apologizes after scarred girl reportedly asked to leave restaurant
Screencap via CBS video

The outrageous incident came to light via the Victoria's Victories Facebook page. The little girl was attacked by dogs in April when she was visiting her grandfather. She had bites all over, but her face was most severely impacted by the attack. She lost her right eye and she had a broken lower and upper jaw, cheek bones and eye socket. She's gone through surgeries already, but there is a lot more she faces. At this point Wilcher also has a feeding tube and is receiving therapy.

That is an awful lot for a family to handle as it is, and then it seems an employee at a Jackson, Miss. KFC added insult to injury. The young girl supposedly was asked to leave because her scars scared others at the restaurant. The story spread quickly online, with people outraged on little Victoria's behalf.

Though the company is still investigating just what happened, KFC apologized to the scarred girl asked to leave the Jackson location. They say that “this kind of hurtful and disrespectful action would not be tolerated by KFC.” They have also said that they are committed to helping Victoria's family, and they are making a donation of $30,000 to help with her huge medical bills. It seems they have committed the money to the family regardless of what their internal investigation regarding the incident uncovers.

It seems that Victoria was with her grandmother Kelly Mullins at the time of the alleged incident. They had been at a doctor's appointment, and stopped at KFC afterwards. Mullins ordered some mashed potatoes for the little girl, hoping it was something she could eat. A short time later, an employee allegedly approached her and said they had to leave, as other customers were upset by how Victoria looked.

The family has indicated that the medical bills are substantial in part because the insurance company is not covering many of the things transpiring in this case. The family has put together a GoFundMe page that is garnering a lot of attention now. Luckily there is a lot of support for this little girl as she goes through these struggles, and people are outraged at what the restaurant employee is said to have done.

Many will be following the story even though KFC has apologized to the scarred girl asked to leave, hoping that the restaurant steps up to ensure any other issues like this are handled differently. Many shake their heads, though, wondering about the customers who supposedly complained as well. Here's hoping little Victoria Wilcher recovers from the heartbreaking attack and isn't further subjected to such heartless comments in the future.

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