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KFC apologizes to scarred girl asked to leave: $30k apology, but admit no fault?

KFC has apologized and is offering up $30,000 to a little girl's family after she came into the restaurant and the family claims that she was asked to leave. The child wasn't unruly, the scars on her face from a recent attack by pit bulls were "scaring the other customer's" according to the girl's mom who said the KFC employee showed the family the door.

Little girl asked to leave KFC because her scars from a pit bull attack were scaring customers
Victoria Wilcher/ Facebook

According to MSN News on June 16, the little three-year-old girl was attacked by three of her grandfather's pit bulls after they broke out of his trailer. Victoria Wilcher was brutally attacked leaving her with a missing eye, a broken nose, a broken jaw bone and broken cheek bones along with numerous scars on her face.

This child has been through so much already and while recuperating her parents took her to KFC only to be allegedly asked to leave because of her looks, really? The KFC restaurant in Jackson, Mississippi is doing an investigation into this incident.

According to ABC News, this $30,000 will go to the Wilcher family's mounting medical bills no matter what the outcome of that investigation. The KFC restaurant is actually in the middle of a probe trying to find out whether the little girl was actually asked to leave or not. It sounds as if there is a chance that this wasn't the case.

The restaurant offered an apology, but still hasn't found an employee at fault for doing this. KFC spokesperson, Rick Maynard said in a statement:

"Regardless of the outcome of our investigation, we have apologized to Victoria's family and are committed to assisting them," Maynard said by email. "The entire KFC family is behind Victoria."

Victoria was attacked by the pit bulls back in April and the recuperation period is going to be long for this little girl. Instead of expecting some empathy from society, did the family walk into the KFC restaurant just to be asked to leave due to their daughter's scars from a horrible attack? This is what they claim had happened.

This had to break Victoria's mother's heart if she was in fact asked to vacate KFC, any mother out there could put themselves in her place. When your children hurt emotionally or physically, you hurt too as a mom.

Victoria's recovery is chronicled on a Facebook page and with this attack once again in the headlines, due to the KFC alleged incident, that Facebook page is picking up viewers. As of Monday, there were almost 70,000 "likes."

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