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Keyshia Cole to file for divorce

Singer to file for divorce
Singer to file for divorce

From signing a marriage license to signing divorce papers, numerous media outlets are reporting that the 32-year-old singer and reality TV star will be proceeding to end her marriage to Cleveland Cavaliers guard Daniel “Boobie” Gibson. The two married in 2011 and have a 4-year-old son nicknamed DJ.

Talk of trouble of in paradise began to surface during the fall of 2013 when rumors circulated that hubby had been cheating on the songstress. Gibson fired back with “HE WOULD NEVER CHEAT” despite things not going so smoothly. Last March, Cole gave an interview to Power 105.1 and among other things stated that she and Gibson “co-parent” their son thus confirming they lived separate lives. “At 8:30 he comes to take DJ to school every morning and I pick him up. We good, you know,” she said. “He’s a great father.”

However, Cole’s tweets and other posts certainly indicate that she feels differently about him as a husband and the two aren’t exactly lovey-dovey these days. The Oak Town native posted cryptic comments such as:

“You have to go! Take you a$$ back to H-Town! U can have him boo. #Trust.”

“If you leave without a reason, don’t come back with an excuse.”

“Show a girl you don’t care and she’ll chase you; show a woman you don’t care and she’ll replace you.”

The songwriting hit maker’s first reality show “Keyshia Cole: The Way It Is” debuted on BET in 2006 and ran until 2008. The series became extremely popular once they added Cole’s estranged biological mother Frankie and her emotionally charged sister Neffie to the roster. The two new additions provided so much drama until BET had no choice but to give them their own spinoff “Frankie and Neffie” which premiered in 2009.

Cole met and fell in love with Gibson in 2009. They’re wedding was filmed and featured on their new reality show “Keyshia and Daniel: Family First.” Cole is set to embark on her “Point of No Return” tour on July 12 in Rochester, NY with a finale in San Diego, CA on August 25.

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